RAW Indian | Natural Curly
  • RAW Indian | Natural Curly

    • RAW Indian | Natural Curly

      XO’s Raw Curly hair is 100% unprocessed human hair imported straight from india. It is XO’s #1 selling hair! Because each bundle is from a single donor, curls vary from bundle to bundle. Some curls are deep while others are spiral-like or loose. All curl patterns are stunningly beautiful. Like all our raw hair, XO’s raw curly is lustrous and bouncy.

      XO’s Raw Curly hair can be flat-ironed for a sleek straight look or styled to a wavy pattern or even a different curly pattern. Our curly hair can also be dyed, permed, or bleached just as your real hair. XO’s raw curly is very durable and versatile. It will always return to its natural state after styling or dyeing to your desired look.

      Raw Indian Curly Hair is available in the natural color of the donor’s hair. Colors range from light natural brown to dark brown and occasionally black.


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